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Breathe in that fresh air...

The cottage is situated off the main street of the town in a private area where we share a large garden with two other cottages (and their chickens). 

We also have our own, fenced garden within this space where you can relax, eat and play.

You will also have exclusive access to a separate shed where you may secure mountain bikes, skis or kayaks etc. There is also a designated parking space for you. 

Please explore the images and information below. 

Here is a summary of what is available inside the cottage. To find out more about our gardens and sheds, please see our "Outdoors" page. 

Shared Garden

Within this private area there are two sets of neighbours, our cottage home and the cottage in which you will be staying at the furthest point.

Everyone has their own designated space for parking, hanging washing and their own shed for fuel and storage. 

Our neighbours are very friendly but we ask that you respect their privacy and this shared space. 

Please be aware that access to the cottages is via a short vennel - Scottish for alleyway! Maximum width for cars entering is 2.1m (with wing mirrors folded in). 

Private Cottage Garden

Next to your cottage is your own separate garden area to which you have exclusive access. 

This includes:

  • Table and seating for 4 adults 

  • Barbecue

  • Children's treehouse and slide

  • Well kept fresh lawn

  • Lovingly planted garden and shrubbery

Shed Storage & Parking

Our brand new shed is clean, water tight and secure. It is also fitted with cctv. 

In here you may store any outdoor equipment such as bikes, kayaks and skis. 

We have also provided drying racks in the shed for wet suits or particularly muddy items! 

Your parking space is between the shed and private garden giving you easy access for unpacking and is well out of the public eye. 

If you are bringing a second car with you, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange for you to take our personal parking space. 

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